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Dance is not simply an art. It is a spiritual practice. A dancer gets connected to oneself to realize the divine within. The dance transports a dancer from a comfort zone to a growth zone. The essence of every character becomes a magical personality with a unique expression of a dancer while performing. The proverb “Face is the index of the mind” is very true when it creates curiosity in the audience to identify the character/story from the performance. The dancer is performing and experiencing every aspect of the character. The dance practice helps to spot, overcome and eliminate internal demons such as fear, shyness, jealousy, anger, pride, etc. A dancer can see herself through the eyes of others. Any dance form is cosmic yoga to keep a mind and body fit.

Five elements are the primary origin for the manifestation of the main five Indian classical dances. When a dancer performs ‘Odissi’, she/he flows like water. By maintaining the balanced posture and steps of ‘ Kuchipudi’, reminding the endurance and strength of the earth. While performing,’ Mohinniattam’, in the rhythmic movement, resonates with the singing air. Through ‘Bharatnatyam’, transforms into a blazing fire and with ‘Kathakali style’ synergizes with ether. Finally, the dancer reaches the state of ecstasy and spreads the fragrance of ecstasy all around.

In a nutshell, dance is a “Divine Avenue that Navigates Creations towards Ecstasy.

D – Divine  

A –Avenue that

N- Navigates

C- Creations towards

E-   Ecstasy.

N. Mahalakshmi



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