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Hands-On Learning: Explore, Discover, and Innovate in Our State-of-the-art Laboratories

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Maths Lab (Hey Math)

Hey Math! is an intuitive interface which helps students with online assignments, Access Quiz, Worksheets and PRASSO, a self-directed learning tool to master Mathematical concepts using adaptive technology, anytime from anywhere.  Worksheets sent by teachers can be easily downloaded as pdf. 


The main aim of the Hey Math lab is to make math learning more interactive and enjoyable for students. By engaging in practical activities, students can gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and develop problem-solving skills. They can also improve their logical and analytical abilities by exploring different mathematical patterns and relationships.


Here students can work in small groups and collaborate with their peers to solve problems and complete projects. This encourages teamwork and helps students to develop communication and social skills.

Hey Math

Language Lab

The language lab in our school is a specialised classroom that is designed to help students learn a  language through various activities and resources.  This lab includes computer-based activities, multimedia resources and specialized equipment to aid in language learning. English, Tamil, Hindi and Oral Sanskrit are the languages that are practiced at the lab.


The WordsWorth lab is a dedicated application designed for students to enhance their English language skills through various online activities and exercises. This online lab includes multimedia resources such as audio and video materials as well as software applications that enable students to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW) in English.


The lab is equipped with

  • Headsets or headphones for students to listen to recordings and practice pronunciation

  • recording equipment for students to record their own voices and practice speaking

  • interactive software and apps for language learning

  • video and audio resources for listening and comprehension practice

  • individual workstations with computers for students to practice writing and reading skills


This lab provides an engaging and interactive learning experience and also offers opportunities for self-paced learning, which can be especially helpful for students who need extra support or those who want to challenge themselves.


Language games: English lab module includes games and activities that help students learn and practice new vocabulary and grammar rules in a fun and engaging way.

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Image by Sunder Muthukumaran

Physics lab

The Physics Lab in  our school is an important part for learning about the fundamental principles of physics through hands-on experimentation. This lab is designed to help students understand and apply concepts they have learned in class, and to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and experimental skills.


The students conduct experiments related to various topics such as mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics and modern physics. Some common experiments in the physics lab include measuring the acceleration due to gravity using a pendulum, investigating the properties of waves using a ripple tank, or examining the behavior of electric circuits using batteries and resistors.


Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab in our school is typically used to teach students about the principles and practices of chemistry through firsthand experiments. This lab provides an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they have learned in class to real-world situations and to develop their skills in experimental design, data collection, and analysis.


Some common types of chemistry observations in school include use of titration techniques, observing and studying chemical reactions, use of spectroscopic techniques, study of organic compounds etc.


Students are taught to be familiar with the safety protocols and procedures in place in the lab, and are expected to always wear appropriate protective equipment such as goggles and gloves where required.

Image by Pawan Parihar
Image by Hal Gatewood

Biology Lab

The biology lab in our school is a customized space equipped with a variety of customised tools and supplies necessary for conducting experiments, such as microscopes, centrifuges, pipettes, and petri dishes. The lab also includes specialised equipment for experiments related to genetics, microbiology, ecology and other areas of biology.


The students receive hands-on learning and the opportunity to engage in diligent learning, which can help them better understand concepts and retain information more effectively.


By participating in lab activities, students develop a greater interest in science and consider pursuing science-related careers.



The STEM lab in our school is  a committed space where students can engage in outstanding , project-based learning activities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The lab is typically equipped with various tools, equipment and materials that allow students to explore, experiment and create in a collaborative and supportive environment.


The STEM lab can offer numerous benefits to students. For example, it can help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving and team building skills as they work on challenging projects that require them to apply their knowledge of STEM subjects. It can also help students develop an interest in STEM fields and inspire them to pursue further studies and careers in these areas.


Our STEM lab is equipped with 3D printers, robotics kits, microcontrollers, electronic sensors, computer-aided design software and various other tools and equipment related to STEM fields. Teachers  typically provide guidance and support as students work on projects and may also offer instruction on specific topics or skills related to STEM.

Image by Hung Nguyen Phi
Arts & Crafts

Art studio

Our art studio provides a space for students to experiment with different materials, techniques, and styles under the guidance of our knowledgeable teachers.It is a place for collaboration and creative ideas. In addition, it fosters a sense of community and belonging among students with shared artistic interests.


Some potential benefits of the art studio at school include:


Enhancing creativity and critical thinking skills: Art education stimulates creativity and imagination, as well as encourages critical thinking and problem-solving.


Building self-esteem: Students who create art develop a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work, which boosts their self-esteem and confidence.


Developing fine motor skills: Working with art materials helps develop fine motor skills, which are important for a range of activities in primary classes.


Encouraging self-expression: Art provides a means for students to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment.


Fostering cultural appreciation: Art exposes students to different cultures and perspectives, and encourages appreciation for diversity.


Computer Science

The computer lab in our school is an exclusive space equipped with computers and other technology resources for students to use for educational purposes. It provides a controlled environment where students can access digital tools, conduct research, complete assignments, and develop their computer skills. It plays a crucial role in modern education by providing students with hands-on experience and access to digital tools. The students enhance their technological skills within the school. The benefits of being tech-savvy needs no explanation in the 21st century. Each and every individual should be aware of the functioning of the virtual world. The students as well as teachers are benefitted from the computer lab in our school.

Coding Station
Art Studi

We are committed to providing comprehensive academic support to our students to ensure their success and growth. In addition to our rigorous curriculum and well-equipped labs, we offer additional resources and programs to enhance their learning experience.

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