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Our Vision

To create a Centre of excellence with Indian roots in an inclusive environment resting upon the doctrines of Jainism, nurturing holistic development through superlative education.

Our Mission

  • To facilitate academic development with a focus on relevant skills inculcating leadership training, emotional well-being and spiritual growth through inclusive practices in a structured curriculum.

  • To nurture values that lead to ethical behavior and practices thereby ensuring that the students get integrated with the world outside.

  • To develop a culture of continual improvement with respect to governance, infrastructure, scholastic and co-scholastic activities and life skills.

Quality Objectives:

  • Every Student is exposed to at least one age appropriate 21st century skill every term

  • Two activities a year will be undertaken to inculcate a sense of social responsibility.

  • To develop leadership skills and confidence in our children, four activities will be undertaken in a year.

  • To instil the richness of culture and heritage through different activities

  • To impart the values of Non-violence, truthfulness and tolerance through activities conducted in school.

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