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Student Life 

A.M. Jain School


School Clubs were inaugurated on 8th July 2022, by our renowned percussionist Mr.Muralikrishnan. Small communities are created through school clubs. They draw individuals with similar interests, such as those in music, the arts, or service. Student participation in clubs fosters a sense of community and teamwork, teaching them how to cooperate to accomplish common objectives. They support students' social skill development. 


Shakesphere Club

Shakespeare Club was inaugurated for English in September 2022. It is a paradise for thinkers, readers and writers. It is the place where students are free to think, read and write on the topics of their interest and choice. The objective of this club is to enhance their speaking skill, critical thinking and bring up their hidden talents and potential of the student to the limelight. An array of activities like Debate, Tongue Twister, Chits and Chats, Greeting Card Making, and Mime were conducted by the in-charge teachers during the club periods. Members of the club partake in casual and comfortable talks where they discuss different works of literature, as well as share their own works.

Heritage Club

Heritage club aims to teach students to uphold each Indian citizen's obligation under the constitution, to appreciate and safeguard the rich heritage of our diverse culture, to exhibit compassion for all living things and to preserve and enhance the natural environment, including woods, lakes, and wildlife.

Heritage Education is not merely recreation for students but should be an important part of their learning process.

Activities conducted during heritage club periods are as follows:

  •  Food Culture: Food Culture is a connection to food in a pure and deep sense. Where students are asked to prepare our traditional dishes (i.e., Using grains) without fire.

  •  FOLK CULTURE: Folk culture guaranteed the survival of ancient costumes in modern times. Students were asked to make 2 minutes video of a dance or song or prepare a photo album with different types of costumes.

  •  Museum Activities: Ornamentation not only serves to please the eyes of the beholder but also fulfills an auspicious purpose. Students were asked to make ornaments (Clay models, Paper models, Quelling/Paintings) Clothing (photo album) or The art form of the tribal community. 

  • GAMES: Traditional games have been played since time immemorial in India. However with the advent of video games and gadgets, people especially the younger generation have forgotten these games. We took a closer look at some of them to revive fond memories and gave our children a glimpse of the past.

  •  Five Stones *Lakhoti *Nondi(Hopscotch) *Pachisi *Gilli Danda *Lattu *Satoliya *Kabadi 

  • Pallanguzhi 

Contest: Kolam/Rangoli contest Flower garland making. Quiz Poster making. Slogam/poem/folk song/folk dance.