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School Health and Wellness Workshop

A two day COE training workshop was conducted for teachers on 29th and 30th May 2023, on School Health and Wellness by Resource Persons Ms.Maheshwari Natarajan and Ms.Lakshmi Prabha, both master trainers in the topic trained by NCERT - UNESCO. The training focused on  exchanging knowledge and developing strategies for implementing health and wellness initiatives in school.

Character building in the classroom Workshop (26.04.2023)

An exclusive session on 'Character building in the classroom' was conducted for the primary teachers of our school. The

Resource person was Mrs. V. Radha, Assistant professor, A.M. Jain college.  By encouraging students to take initiative, teachers have to contribute to the development of future leaders for the society. 

This teaches kids how to take initiative and tackle obstacles head-on, encouraging others in the process. An activity was conducted for the teachers to speak about the phrase that they get from the chosen chit. This made everybody to  gain knowledge by sharing their views and  obligations. The teachers were inspired to put forth extra effort for the upcoming school year. This session was an eye-opener for teachers.

STEM LAB WORKSHOP (24.02.2023 - 26.04.2023)

Any stage of learning increases one's interest and mental bliss. The departments of computer science and physics faculties participated in a 3-day Centrado programme. Our school is focusing on STEM lab, which combines technology with science and mathematics. Teachers gained practical experience building circuits, models, and 3D graphics, in addition to receiving training in these areas. This academic year there will be a series of excitements in our STEM lab from grade 4 to grade 8

WORDSWORTH LAB WORKSHOP(25.04.2023,26.04.2023)

Wordsworth lab is an English lab designed to help students to improve their English language skills. The training session's main objective was to inform teachers about their unique lab assisting requirements. The session was conducted by Mr. Antony on 25th and 26th April, 2023 through computer software and mobile applications. Teachers who attended the English lab training session were motivated to learn and take part. 

The training session covered various aspects of the English language, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The focus of the training session was  to brief teachers and their specific needs for the lab.


During the training session, the teachers were  engaged in a variety of activities, such as listening to audio recordings, reading texts, practicing speaking and pronunciation, completing grammar exercises, and engaging in practical application of the app in their mobile phones. It made the teachers geared to learn and participate actively. They were open to  feedback and willing to practice and improve their skills. 


The Wordsworth lab training session served as a useful tool for enhancing language proficiency and boosting self-assurance in utilizing the English language successfully.