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Capacity Building Programme for Psychology teachers

At the two day Capacity Building Programme for Psychology teachers hosted by A.M.Jain School on behalf of CoE, Chennai, Resource Persons Dr. Maheshwari Natarajan and Ms. Poornima Saisankar took the participants through the nuances of teaching and assessment of Psychology as a subject at senior secondary level. Participants from all over South India attended this session.

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Intramurals Teachers Dec 2022

Children's Day, 2022

Children's Day, 14th November 2022 was observed as 'Bagless Day'. Engaging activities were organised throughout the day to add more colour to the students' learning and practical thinking and to alleviate their stress.
While reducing the burden of carrying books, students were exposed to observation based learning through differentiated  teaching methods. A good amount of Experiential Learning also was observed.

1st School Quality Conclave by EPSI and NABET at Chennai. Quality Council of India. July 30th 2022


An evening of intense discussions and exchange of ideas between the State Minister for Education Dr.Abdullah Rasheed Ahmed, Maldives and a few educationists from Chennai. Lots of ideas to mull over. Thank you Smart Tail for facilitating this.

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Eldrok 2022 K -12 Conference. AMJS gets an Award.

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