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Let’s just start off by saying that coffee is the closest thing to the elixir of the Gods you can find on Earth. Some might tell you that I exaggerate, but I can prove that coffee is a drink that brings all sorts of people together. “ Coffee is a language itself” - Jackie Chan.

Take for example, a rainy day; the sound of raindrops on asphalt, the numbing chill that invades your fingertips, the shivers that attack your Spine- it’s a cold day indeed. Now, introduce the warm, rich scent of coffee beans, the spine tingling, mouth watering aroma acts as a heady perfume that draws you and many such travellers into its warm embrace. Coffee Shop - with its tagline - COFFEE IS A HUG IN A MUG…You simply have to walk in, partly to escape the chill and partly to inhale the source of delicious scent. Music, soft and mostly ignored due to long conversations, light and relaxed atmosphere, perfect. We sit down with our friends to make ourselves get lost in the taste of coffee. Others might just pass by as time wears on, but we will be engaged in happy conversation and laughter, warm delicious coffee filling your belly. Sometimes even happy smiles of strangers will float across our vision.

When we get back home later we may feel that Coffee and friends make the perfect blend which brings in happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction and relaxation in life. Hope you will try this next time and laugh to yourself, thinking of the friends you miss and the faces you impressed with just a smile and a cup of coffee. It’s a nice hopeful feeling.




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