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To develop language skills and to increase fluency in Hindi

(communicating orally and in written work)


  • To develop language skills so as to make the students confident and comfortable with academic program.

  • To develop skills in writing and communicating to other personalities. 

  • To develop skills in grammar

  • To develop exposure to literature

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Students are taught in Hindi so that their Communication skills improve and also their spoken language. Students are also advised to converse only in Hindi during the Hindi classes which helps them to improve their spoken knowledge in Hindi.

Apart from the regular lecture mode, the teachers frequently uses Black Board by writing notes on it so that the students find it easy to note down without any spelling mistakes. This is welcomed by the students and makes them more attentive in the class room. The teacher also keeps encouraging and helps the students to participate in the Inter school Academic and cultural competitions / programs held in different schools. The students have also won various Prizes (conducted by various education institutions) in all the participated external events.

Hindi considered as official language of the Union Government. It started when India became independent, and efforts were made by the then government to widen the reach of the language. However, when the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan came in the picture, this resolution was modified, and after a lot of efforts, it was decided that Hindi would be the national language and our nation started celebrating the Hindi day.

Towards part of club activities following are taking place

  1. Literary day celebrations

  2. Participation of school day celebrations like Independence Day, Republic day, school annual day etc.

  3. Conducting Hindi Competitions (Inter/Intra school)

  4. Inter/Intra school participation


Tamil Nadu Hindi Academy Chennai conducted essay and speech competition in collaboration with Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Saba and Jai Publications, wherein our school also participated.

Also proud to say that our school won overall Championship award.

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Hindi (Premchand) club

Jain Mahotsav

The festival is commemorated across India in the month of Bhadrapada on the Hindu calendar, which falls between August and September on the Gregorian calendar every year.

In our school, it has been celebrated and variety of events took place. Hindi students are also participated.

Our club activities of students’ participations in the event will give not only motivation but also improve their knowledge etc.,

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