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Department Of Mathemetics

Ramanujan Club

In our School, we named the name of Math Club as Ramanujan Club and every year celebrated as Ramanujan Day. The Mathematics day was celebrated with (Inter-School and Intra-School) objective of creating awareness about importance of mathematics in day to day life situation and also to create students interest in the Mathematics.


As part of the celebrations, rhymes, fancy dress, clay modeling, rangoli, speech, Working and non-working models of project work according to the standards, dance, quiz programme, T-Shirt designing, drawing competition on geometrical designs and talk on Mathematics were organized and conducted.


The programme was enjoyed by the participants and other students. Drawing competition participants wherein the participating students were required to draw geometrical designs to depict their creativity and understanding of the geometrical concepts.


The students participated in the above programmes with great zeal and

enthusiasm and enjoyed the programmes.


Finally Winners were awarded to boost their morale

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